Taishan has a total of 14 different ethnic groups.  The Han or Chinese is the most predominant ethnic group comprising of more than 99.95% of Taishan's population.  The rest are small minority ethnic groups which include Zhuangs, Mongols, Huis, Tibetans, Miaos, Jings, Koreans, Bais, Lis, Dongs, Yaos, and Xibes.

Family Photograph There is a total of about 159 different Taishan family surnames.  These surnames include many of the famous Chinese names such as Chen (Chan, Chin), Huang (Wong), Li (Lee), Liu (Lau), Tang (Tong), Wu (Ng), Guo (Kwok), Liang (Leung), etc.  A single Chinese surname could be represented by more than one English surname because of the different methods people have used to translate their Chinese name.  Thus, two people with different English surnames may be related if their Chinese surnames are the same.

The following list below is a compilation of work done by members of the respective families.  The orthodox Chinese character is shown along with the English surname as translated using standard Mandarin pinyin notation. Other possible English forms of the same surname are also shown in parenthesis; the most popular form is the Cantonese version which is perhaps popularly more known than the Mandarin version among overseas Chinese.

Li (Lee)
Kuang (Kwong)

Tang (Tong)

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