As many Taishan people (Taishanese) have left their homeland in search for a better life, they have carried "the pride of the Chinese people" in a foreign land.  Through hard work and effort, some have achieved great success in establishing a new home.  The list below shows some of the more successful ones that are profiled on the Internet.

Adrienne Clarkson
Appointed by Queen Elizabeth II, Adrienne Clarkson has been Governor General of Canada since 1999.  Her roles and responsibilities include representing the Canadian crown, promoting Canadian sovereignty, granting honours, and encouraging the national identity, national unity, and moral leadership of Canada.  She had been a leading figure in Canada's cultural life and had a distinguished career in broadcasting, journalism, the arts and public service.  Although she was born in Hong Kong, it is believed that her ancestors were of Taishan descent.
Alan A. Lew
As professor of Geography and Planning at the Northern Arizona University since 1999, Alan Lew has had an extensive background in the academic field.  He travels quite often and is currently focusing his research on tourism particularly in regions such as Asia, Southeast Asia, and China.  Although born in Sacramento, California, his father is of Taishan descent while his mother is German.
Gary Locke
As governor for the state of Washington in the United States, Gary Locke holds the highest public office in US politics of any Chinese immigrant.  He was elected as governor in 1996 and was reelected again in 2000.  During his tenure, he has helped made Washington a better place to live, work, and raise a family while making education as its top priority.  In October 1997, he made a visit to his hometown village in the Shuibu town of Taishan.
Jimmy Woo (Chin Siu Dek)
The late Jimmy Woo was a renowned kungfu grandmaster teaching martial arts in the United States for 46 years.  His specialty is San Soo which has his origins based on the famous Chinese Choi-Li-Fat kungfu.  Many of his students have now opened schools throughout the United States teaching Chinese martial arts.  Back in 1935 Jimmy Woo had to disguise his real name "Chin Siu Dek" because he had to purchase "papers" of "Jimmy Woo's" identity in order to immigrate to the United States.  Jimmy Woo's hometown village is located in the Sanba town of Taishan.

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FEMALES - Female Chinese Title
Betty Jung
Lucy Leonard
Sandy Leung
Shumin Ma
Ruth Loy Malloy

MALES - Males Chinese Title
Wei Gun Chen
Willip Chen
Stone Cheng
Bruce Edward Hall
Kenneth Kwok
Andrew Law
Tony (Chiu-Wai) Leung
Wei Jun Li
Thim-Mun Liew
Rui Ping Mei
Mike Mon
Ray Ng
William Kiejan Tong
Jimmy Tsang
Leland Wong
Edward Yan

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