Mount Baifeng Map Located in the eastern section of Taishan City, Mount Baifeng Forest Park is a rare oasis in the southern tip portion of the Pearl River Delta area.  The scenic spots in this park are widely known as Taishan "Mountains and Seas", where its reputation is equivalent to the "Hawaii of the East" beaches on Shangchuan Island.  This "Haven of Peace" type of fairyland has a truly simple natural beauty, which keeps attracting people back for revisits.  As one lingers around enjoying this beauty, one may easily lose track of time and forget to return home.  People from any distantly crowded and noisy city shall find this park to be a great sightseeing trip, as well as a place for conducting explorations in general science.  Mount Baifeng Forest Park is also a rare precious place as a resort for recuperating and cooling from the summer heat.