Since the relaxing scenery in these two islands is well known in both China and abroad, the two islands are great vacation resorts at the province level.  On Feisha Beach of Shangchuan Island, one can watch the waves crashing onto the seashore, listen to the birds chirping in the forest, or perhaps experience the pleasant scenery.  These activities make this famous beach an ideal tourist area.  You can also wake up early in the morning, and watch the sun come out by the sea along with your lover (or the person at your side).  Imagine how romantic this can be!  You can also walk slowly along the beach and enjoy your own peace and quiet; you can also...  Once you become hungry, you would want to fill your stomach. OK!  That's no problem.  The area has many restaurants which can prepare a large variety of seafood for you.

Wangfuzhou on Xiachuan Island has even more beautiful scenery.  In this place, the seawater is so clear that you can see its bottom and the quality of the sand is both fine and smooth.  You can either bathe in the sand, bathe in the sunshine, or bathe in the seawater.