Located at Guanghai's Nanwan Mountain and along the coastline of South China Sea, "Sea Without Waves" is Guangdong's Province famous stone engraving which records the fight against Japanese invaders in ancient times.  The Chinese words Sea Without Waves Chinese words were engraved into this stone in 1467 or the third year of the Chenghua Reign during the Ming Dynasty.  Each word is 3 meters tall and 2 meters wide, with each word inscribed on an inclined plane slanted upwards on a granite stone which is 8 meters tall and 9 meters wide.  These attributes give the stone a very imposing and forceful look.  The imposing appearance, the great fame, the boundless expanse of blue water, and the beautiful scenery of the park around the stone makes this one of the top 100 scenic sites of south Guangdong.