Baisha Town Photo Located in the western end of Taishan City, Baisha Town is right across the river from Chishui Town of Kaiping City.  This town consists of low hills and has a total land area of 122 square kilometers.  It has a native population of 46,000 people and it is the hometown to about 50,000 overseas Chinese living in 28 countries such as the United States and Canada, and compatriots from Hong Kong and Macao.  Baisha Town is 29 kilometers west of the urban district of Taishan City, Taicheng Town.  It is also 21 kilometers away from Sanbu Town, the urban district of Kaiping City.  A highway provides direct transportation to the city's urban district, Sanbu Town, the Guangfo and the Guangshan Expressways.

Nowadays, with the city's infrastructure construction improving daily, the whole town has taken on a new look.  There's a 200-ton freight dock in the town and a waterway connects the dock with other neighboring ports.  A 110,000-volt electric transformer substation provides a network of electricity for the entire town.  The Baisha and Chaojing Waterworks provide sufficient water to fully meet the needs of manufacturing and daily living.   Telephones are also available in every village.

Baisha Town has become one of the providing bases for industrial raw materials.  It contains rich building materials and building resources such as limestone, china clay, titanium, lead, silver, and iron.  The Lingnan Hot Spring, with warm water temperatures reaching as high as 80 deg. C. currently has a fish-breeding center and holds prospect of valuable development.  The 13,000 acres low-slope hills are suitable to grow fruits and develop High Quality, High Production, and High Efficiency Agriculture.  

At present, the town boasts of 40 village enterprises, and nearly 100 private and joint-venture enterprises.  The Double Flying Horse Cement Plant, one of the leading enterprises of Baisha Town, was entitled The Most Profitable Village Enterprise by the Department of Agriculture in 1995.  The construction companies of the town have continually received High Quality honors in all the 16-stories or lower residential buildings and large-scale industrial factories built in cities such as Shenzhen, Zhuhai, and Foshan.   Furthermore, these building companies have been praised by the municipal government, provincial government and the Department of Environment Protection for their high-quality projects.  In 1997, the town introduced the Frosti motorcycle tube construction project, which came into operation at once and has a 1998 industrial output value of 15 million yuan.  The town total industrial product value for 1998 amounted 450 million yuan.

Nowadays, the government of Baisha Town has established 19-hectares of open-flat land as industrial development zones in Baishaxu and Chaojingxu to attract investors.  Street roads, water lines, and electricity infrastructure have already been completed and are readily accessible for public use.  Thus far, enterprises such as hospitals, nursing homes, commercial buildings, hotels, restaurants, and joint-ventured furniture factories have already set up in these zones, as more enterprises are expected to participate in the future.

  • Map of Baisha Town