Shuibu Town Photo Located in the northern part of Taishan City, Shuibu Town plays a very important role in the transportation network of Taishan.  The town joins the highways connecting Taishan with neighboring Kaiping City and Heshan City.  In addition, the Guangdong Xintai Expressway, which is currently under construction, will connect Taishan and Xinhui City as the expressway passes through the town north to south.  Vehicles entering Taishan City through the city's two primary roads must pass through Shuibu Town before entering Taicheng Town or the city's urban district.

Shuibu Town geographic position allows for convenient access to many of the major ports in the other cities.  The town is 40 kilometers away from Xinhui Seaport or 53 kilometers away from Jiangmen Seaport.  It only takes one and a half hours of car travel time to go to Baiyun International Airport in Guangzhou City, which is 120 kilometers away; or 2 hours of car travel time to go to Zhuhai Airport in Zhuhai City, which is 180 kilometers away.

In the past few years, the infrastructure construction has been greatly improved with the effort of the government of Shuibu Town.  The communication infrastructure consists of 3 automatic telephone switchboards capable of serving more than 5500 households.  These switchboards allow one to directly dial any program-control telephones and mobile phones in the town to anywhere around of the world.  Currently, an average of more than one of every six households already has a telephone.  In addition, a 110,000-volt electric transformer substation provides a network of electricity for the entire town.  The waterworks of the town can provide 6000 tons of water per day, thus meeting the daily water needs for both the Shuibu and Taicheng Towns.

The favorable conditions of Shuibu Town have aroused the interest of the investors both at home and abroad.  There are more than 1000 private enterprises and more than 20 joint-venture enterprises in the town.  Variety of walks such as industry, commerce, and real estate are all taking on a prosperous look.  With the town's land area of 103 square kilomaters and a population of 49,000 people, Shuibu Town is one of the more economically developed industrial towns of Taishan.  With the permission of the city government, the local town government has recently created a model investment zone, known as "Wenhua", which aims to attract more investors by adopting favorable tax measures.